Irish Restaurant Awards, Best Kids Size menu awarded to Momo!

Irish Restaurant Awards 2015 

Momo at the Irish Restaurant Awards 2015

Momo at the Irish Restaurant Awards 2015

We were over the moon to be awarded “Best Kids Size Me menu” in  the Irish Restaurant Awards 2015 Munster Regional Finals on Tuesday (14th April). We are now shortlisted for the All-Ireland final and have our fingers firmly crossed! Our very own Harry had this to say:

“Children’s nutrition is becoming an increasingly important topic in our society and all too often it is the young ones who are a side thought, with processed food being deep fried and served up with no colour or flavour.

“Momo want to break this trend with dishes of pea and sweet corn risotto, sate chicken skewers with veggie rice and fresh tempura of Dunmore East Fish, These are dishes the parents will want to eat! We owe it to the next generation to educate them about their food.”

Don’t forget to check out our award winning kids menu the next time you’re thinking of a family meal on the town.