Momo Salads- behind the scene…

As some of our regular customers might know- I’m responsible for making our daily salads, as a part of lunch “Grab & Go” special. Around 2.5 years ago we found ourself short staffed in the kitchen. I was brave enough to give it a go and took responsibility for salads, sandwiches and basic preparations. I work in the kitchen mostly Tuesday- Friday morning before we are open for lunch and “in case of emergency”.

The salads are so important to me. I love making them, thinking about flavors… I never know what I’m going to prepare before I walk in to the kitchen. I just open the fridge, check what vegetables I have and “think on my feet”. I cannot follow recipes- no idea why… just this little voice inside me saying “ah yeah- I think I know what I’m doing” and I just improvise and sometimes do a little prayer to “god of flavor” ? That’s the reason why salads are never the same.

I make 3 salads. Each of them has to be different- color/ flavor/ texture, seasonal as much as possible, satisfying, vegan and mostly gluten free. I want people to eat more vegetables, and enjoy it!

Salads are available Tuesday-Friday from 12 till they are gone- and they are gone quickly ?