Momo Went to Phil Grimes Pub

Last Thursday evening we went to ‘Phil Grimes Pub.’ This time not only for a pint or two. This time we bought food for 40+ people; a four course meal with an accompanying craft beer. Tom Ryan chose very carefully; 4 craft beers to go with each course.

Tom is the owner of Phil Grimes Pub. He is the nicest person you can possibly meet – a real gentleman with real passion and incredible knowledge about craft drinks; a real beer enthusiast.

The fire is on. The pool table is in the corner. There are cosy, comfy seats and the best selection of craft beers at the right price. You can’t ask for more!

We know Tom for a while by now, but since we opened Momo we have become good friends. Tom is in the business for years (18!!!) and has so much experience. He happily gives us his support and advice.

We started the evening with THIN GIN gazpacho.


Craft beer – JACK CODY’s DUXIE; grapefruit, earl grey tea, pale ale. A light start.?

A selection of vegetarian tapas; smoked paprika hummus, red onion marmalade, roast garlic black bean hummus, beetroot and goats cheese relish, olives, roast Mediterranean vegetable tapenade, Seagull Bakery breads.


Craft beer – WHITE GYPSY DOPPLEBOCK – mature lager, Tom’s favourite beer at the moment.

 – Asian style grilled Mackerel ( ginger, lime, lemon grass, chili and coriander)

– Lamb burger in a homemade Minehead Dungarvan Pale Ale flat bread, tomato, cucumber, mint salsa, garlic mint yogurt dip

– Duo of vegetable grilled skewers:

*sweet potato, squash, courgette, curry spiced,

*peppers, aubergine, cherry tomato, red onion in basil pesto and sun-dried tomato oil.

ALL MAINS served with selection of salads;

  • Ballybeg organic green salad in citrus dressing,
  • Tuscan salad,
  • Spiced couscous, beans and vegetable salad.

DESSERT was just amazing ?

Craft beer- WHITE GYPSY IMPERIAL PORTER – perfect with our dessert and inspired by porter, prepared with porter!

White Gypsy porter chocolate ganache, lime cream, brandy snap basket with dark espresso and cherry ice cream.

Michael, our head chef, and Gary, the sous chef, did incredible work. To prepare and serve four course meal for 40+ people in the pub is not easy in my opinion. They did it with the a  smile and without even breaking a sweat!

DJ Daria played sweet tunes. Kevin served beer and managed to wash 1900000 glasses quicker than a light! We all had a few delicious pints after and the night was a success!  

We will do it again?? Stay tuned!

Lots Love,