My Favourite Momo Moments

Getting a little sentimental this morning. Tomorrow is our first anniversary since we officially opened the front door of Momo.

This is how it all started. I dreamed about having our own family run restaurant for years. The idea was always changing and evolving for years.

On one Wednesday evening, one phone call was made and that was it. It was very real, very scary, amazing, fantastic and unknown.

Scary – very scary – lots of worries- could I do it? But at the time I knew I just had to. Harry, my husband, partner and friend is on that journey with me from the very first time I vocalised the idea. I’m surprised that he is still here and didn’t run off… I can be very difficult sometimes ?.

Today is about my favourite moments. The people. Our fantastic customers, suppliers, small producers and all who helped.

Our first Christmas and Enda helping put the Christmas tree in my Micra. Locally bought in Ballybricken so at least it was a short journey.

My girls – people I spend more time with than my own children; my Momo Family.

Hannah is missing. I have to take a photo of her, and you all remember Vicky. I still miss her. The girls have to survive with me. They are amazing. Victoria, tall Victoria, is with us from the very first day. Little Vicky was like the sunshine, missed but Hannah is like she was always there. And Jess, not only a fantastic waitress with a passion for, and huge knowledge of, food but also a great friend.

The Momo Team has changed a lot during the year. We change a lot. I miss them all – Ronan, Coilin, Dean, Cat, a few kitchen porters… But I know that they are happy and going to be very successful. Keep an eye on them.?

I’m so happy and grateful to have such a talented team. JB and the guys are working always so hard, but always in great mood and always happy. Work can be good. I love the food. Every dish is prepared with such wonderful care. All the little details. Magic fingers in the kitchen. And to keep everyone happy – coffee for the chefs is a must every couple of hours!

This is what makes me smile. Our customers. Small and big. Little smiles, little chats. Getting to know people. Relationships. Friendships. Watching children grow. Couples on first dates. Families. Friends.

Remember, every kind word means so much to us. Seeing the same faces makes me so happy and proud. Hoping that maybe I really can do something right. The lady who comes in for lunch with her book and orders soup. A Little chat. The family with two little girls and hot chocolate, the lovely couple – so in love❤️. A big family reunion. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Graduations. I love it. I love it all!

Our suppliers and producers – without them we wouldn’t be Momo. I will tell you all about it next time.

Call over, have some food, a drink or two and celebrate our first birthday with us!