Our journey… 3 years on!

I actually cannot believe that we are open 3 years. The most stressful, incredible and wonderful 3 years…

We wouldn’t be here without our fantastic customers, team, family and friends.

Customers are the one I would like to thank especially today. Without you all we wouldn’t be here today. It is so rewarding to welcome people to Momo. Each and every one of you made a decision to “give us a go”, to try our food, see our place, and often to come back again and again. We build the relationships, often friendships and got to know some of you very well. Lots of growing families, couples, beautiful families, group of friends. We are so lucky to welcome you to our lives. I love watching children growing, celebrating birthdays, engagements, and being here with you on the nights out.

You made our dream to come true. We love what we do, but wouldn’t be able to achieve it without you all. Thank you so very much.

Momo birthdays are always quite emotional for me. In my wildest dreams I didn’t expect to be in this place today. We achieved more than I could ever dream of. I’m genuinely overwhelmed. I had a dream and now I’m “living the dream”.

The start of the “dream” was a really hard one. I was so naive, and had no idea what I putting myself and my family through. I’m so lucky to have my rock on this journey with me.

I would lie if I would say that is easy to run a business with your life partner… we might not agree on everything and sometimes have a different point of view, but we have the same goals…. Harry always has my back. We are in it together- for better and for worst. We could loose it all at any stage of our lives, but knowing that he is there always for me makes it all a little bit easier.

And I don’t expect to be an easy ride from now on. Daily challenges, broken equipment, staff changes, bills…. they are all keep coming.

So much changed since the day we got the keys to Momo.

It is our second home. We put all our love there. There was never option “B”- what’s happening if that wouldn’t work. We couldn’t afford it. Emotionally I can’t afford it.

My mom passed away when I was eight years old. Everything she left for me- I put into Momo. I can’t disappoint her, I can’t waste it.

Our little Momo is growing up beautifully ? and we are growing up with Momo.

We are so lucky to have the most amazing team. Jack, Kevin, Mags and Rebecca are the best waiting staff we could ask for. Michael, Gary, Giulia, Davide, Angela and Beata might be hiding behind the kitchen closed doors but they shine on every single plate.

We had some fantastic people working with us over the last three years. We wouldn’t be here without every single one of them. We learned a lot, but if I’m honest it is only the tip of the iceberg…..

I’m really looking forward to see what the next years are going to bring, to see how we are going to evolve, grow and learn. Thank you all for being on this journey with us.

Lots of love