Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas season is over. The New Year has just started. Time for reflection, planning, getting ready for what this year is going to bring.

Christmas, when you are working in the restaurant industry is different. Most people don’t really like it…. But I absolutely love it! One of my favourite days is Christmas Eve at “work.” You are probably thinking now that I must be crazy or I’m lying, but no. I do love ‘The Christmas Madness.’ Families, kids, friends, last minute shopping, and the best Christmas Spirit in the air. It’s the perfect excuse to give a hug or two, exchange the “Merry Christmas” wishes, and have a glass or two.

It’s great to know that after all the hard work, we are ready to celebrate it and appreciate it maybe a little bit more.

When you work in the restaurant industry, you are waiting for Christmas for most of the year. It is the busiest time of the year so you spend the rest of the year preparing for it. It’s lots of hard work, a little bit of stress, hundreds of phone calls, and there are never ending cases of wine and beer…. And food – lots of it. There is hard work, long hours, and fun too! I’m so lucky to have such an amazing team at Momo. The guys in the kitchen never complained and worked so hard, and enjoyed it, too. Strangely, the busier we were, the better the mood in the kitchen was. JB was so calm and organised. A great and pure pleasure to work with all of them. We just had to remember to deliver lots of coffee on time….

Firstly, we had to survive long, long hours together! In hunger and in thirst, for better and for busier – together! I can be quite difficult sometimes but the girls know how to deal with me. Hannah always makes me coffee. Jess sends me on a break and reminds me to eat, and Victoria keeps me calm. And happy days! We did survive. We looked after each other. We had lots of fun. We worked hard.

My family – Harry, who worked with me and for me to be sure that I would have extra time with the kids. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. This year, for the first time I got to properly enjoy Winterval. And I loved it! This year, Christmas Day was fantastic; cooking, eating and drinking together. Board games, movies and far too much chocolate…

We had a wonderful Christmas at Momo. It was full of amazing people, regular customers, new customers, Christmas parties, friends, fun and laughter!

I’m so happy and grateful for the last year. The last month couldn’t go any better for us. Our hard work paid off.

Thank you all for the incredible support. For all kind words. For coming back and bringing your family and friends. For enjoying yourself, for filling up the room with laughter and chats, and the few sing songs full of Christmas spirit. Nothing makes me happier than seeing our customers having fun, enjoying the evening. Thank you.

And before you know it- it’s all over. January kicks in and the calm season begins. Time for planning and reflection. Time for a little relaxation and appreciation. But not for long. Lots of great ideas  are already beginning to blossom….

And this is my plan for 2016!

Lots Love,