My Superheroes – Local Producers in Waterford City (Seagull Bakery)

I want to share the stories about our suppliers and producers – the real people behind the beautiful produce. These people are full of passion, extremely hard working, dedicated, and wonderful.

We are so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful superheroes on our doorstep in the Sunny South East.

Seagull Bakery

I start with Sarah, owner of Seagull Bakery. She was our first supplier before we even had a head chef, and weeks before we open.

I met Sarah years ago. Sarah the artist and the painter. She is extremely talented.

Two years ago, I bumped into Sarah again in Dungarvan during the food festival. I didn’t know that she had become a full time baker. I bought her bread. It was the best decision ever. It tasted like the Polish bread that I had missed for so long, only it had just got a thousand times better and had landed straight into my hands. With a wonderful texture, flavour, crunchy crust and made with love.

I found and bought Sarah’s bread again a few months later in Larder (shop on the Waterford Quay) and oh! Fantastic! I made the decision that when we opened Momo – Sarah’s bread would be a must! I met her a few weeks later and the rest is history.

Now, I find out few weeks ago that she bakes a certain shape and size of sourdough bread only for us!  Momo’s Signature Bread! What a fantastic feeling to know that this one is just for us!

Sarah is a superhero. She inspires me. I love having chats with her. Her knowledge about bread – real bread – is incredible.

Sarah is a mother of 3, self employed, super funny, very helpful, extremely hard working…. and she never has enough time to sleep.  Remember, it takes two days to make and bake a real sourdough. She stays up until crazy late times and gets up at 5am to bake! She has a super supportive husband Conor, who helps her as much as he can. You can find her bread (and Conor ?) in Tramore every Saturday morning. Get there early – otherwise the breads and other pastries are all gone!

And this is me. It is probably 2am, after work. I’m hungry but I have Sarah’s amazing bread and the best hummus ever – happy me!

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